Da Lat Vietnam - places to visit.

There are a couple of Pagodas and a Temple to visit while at Dalat - one involves a short train ride.

Trip on a train from Dalat to Trai Mat to see Linh Phuoc Pagoda, Vietnam.

A big tourist attraction at Dalat is it's railway station which is called Ga Da Lat. This was built in 1938 by the French and is the start of a short railway line on which a train runs several times a day taking you to the small town of Trai Mat and it's pagoda. Originally the railway line went as far as Thap Cham on the coast but was ceased in the 1960s when the attacks from the Viet Cong became too dangerous.
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Dalat  railway station called Ga Da Lat in Vietnam. Ga Da Lat railway and trucks at Dalat - Vietnam. Linh Phuoc Pagoda near Dalat - Vietnam. Linh Phuoc Pagoda - Da Lat, Vietnam.
Although the timetable indicates quite a few trips in fact although the early train and the 2 P.M. trains do seem to always run the mid morning and mid afternoon trips may or may not go depending on how many people wish to travel - i.e. they only go if there are at least five passengers.
When we last went on this train trip the fare was only 100,000 Dong return for each adult and the round trip takes about 90 minutes. The railway line mostly goes through farmland however the views are not particularly great as most of the area is beside fields which are well covered with poly-tunnels.
inside Linh Phuoc Pagoda, Dalat - Vietnam. Linh Phuoc Pagoda gold Buddha statue, Dalat - Vietnam.  Really colourful inside of Linh Phuoc Pagoda at Dalat in Vietnam. Linh Phuoc Pagoda inside view - Da Lat, Vietnam.
At Trai Mat the train waits for 30 minutes giving just enough time to wander down the road and visit the extremely colourful

Linh Phuoc Pagoda at Dalat.

(pictures above). Fronted by a beautiful gateway and guarded by several fierce looking dragons with protruding eyes the pagoda is usually very busy as it's an active Temple.


Various Pagodas to visit in Dalat.

Just outside the town is the Linh Phong Pagoda and the Thien Vuong Pagoda - we hired a taxi to take us to both with on the basis of the driver waiting for us whilst we looked round the first one and then taking us too and leaving us at the Thien Vuong Pagoda - the price agreed for this was USD5. From there the plan was to walk back into town which is around 4kms and makes for a quite pleasant walk (mostly uphill though).
Ling Phong Pagoda at Dalat - Vietnam. Ling Phong Temple Gate, Dalat, Vietnam. Ling Phong Pagoda Buddha sat on the roof, Dalat - Vietnam.

Linh Phong Pagoda at Da Lat in Vietnam.

Linh Phong is an active pagoda with many local people around but you are made welcome - there was no charge to go around. One of the excellent features is the huge Buddha who is sat on a nearbye house roof.


Thien Vuong Pagoda at Dalat in Vietnam.

Built in 1958 and reconstructed in 1989 The

Agalloch Buddha Pagoda which is also known as The Chinese Pagoda

is in fact officially called The Ancient Pagoda of Heavenly Gods.
There are three low wooden buildings which contain numerous statues and the whole area is contained within beautiful gardens and lots of pine trees. The first building you come too contains excellent statues of warriors, minstrels, dragons and small Buddha's.
Bac Phuong statue, Dalat - Vietnam. Dong Phuong statue at Dalat. Nam Phuong statue, Dalat - Vietnam. Tay Phuong statue, Dalat, Vietnam.
Once inside the main temple there are three statues of West Buddha's which are made of sandalwood and were imported from China. These statues are 4 metres high, weigh 1500kg and possibly date back to the 16th century. They are of Mahasthamaprapta Bodhisattiva (The Goddess of Great Strength), The Amitabha Buddha (The Buddha of Infinite Light) and Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva (The Goddess of Infinite Mercy and Compassion). Behind the Pagoda buildings in pine woods and on the top of a small hill a huge Buddha can be found sitting on a lotus flower.
Thien Vuong area, Da Lat - Vietnam. Thien Vuong Temple at Dalat, Vietnam. Thien Vuong Temple Gods, Dalat, Vietnam Thien Vuong Buddha overlooking the Temple at Dalat, Vietnam.
Thien Vuong Buddha, Dalat, Vietnam. Thien Vuong Buddha, Dalat, Vietnam. Thien Vuong happy Buddha, Dalat - Vietnam. Very colourful inside view of Thien Vuong Temple - Dalat, Vietnam.

Tinh Xa Ngoc Duc Pagoda at Dalat in Vietnam.

Whilst walking back to Dalat following our trip to the above mentioned pagodas we spotted a small temple on a side road just off of Pham Hong Thai road. This pagoda was locked when we arrived but to the left of the building you can usually find the caretaker who will happily unlock it all and let you take a wander round. Tinh Xa Ngoc Duc is a very small but colourful pagoda set in beautiful gardens and inside there are numerous statues to admire.
Although not asked for, a small donation is a good idea and is much appreciated - once you have finished looking round.
Tinh Xa Ngoc Duc Pagoda, Dalat - Vietnam. Tinh Xa Duc Pagoda in Da Lat, Vietnam Dalat's Tinh Xa Duc Pagoda Tinh Xa Duc Pagoda, vietnam
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