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About Can Tho in The Mekong Delta, Vietnam.

Situated alongside the Hau River which is a side-branch of the Mekong River, Can Tho is the Mekong Delta's largest city and has a population in excess of half a million people. The City is quite busy however the waterfront at Can Tho is quiet and relaxed most of the time with paved areas, places to sit and a few cafes. Most of the Can Tho restaurants are located near the waterfront.
There are also a quite a few hotels and guest rooms available in the City of varying standard with prices ranging from around UKstg10 per night all the way up to somewhere like the Victoria which is around the Ukstg80+ per night range. One of the most popular day trips to take from Can Tho is to the floating markets particularly to Cai Rang Market which is around 7kms away - these trips do start early in the morning though - very early.
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Can Tho street market, Vietnam. Food markets at Can Tho, Mekong, Vietnam. Small fishing boats on the Hau River at Can Tho, Vietnam. Oia Khe Canal at Can Tho in Vietnam
Fish is an important part of Can Tho's commercial life and there are loads of beautiful old fishing boats to look at along the river and the canal - also of course quite a busy floating fish market. Walking round some of the narrow streets looking at the fruit and vegetable markets etc. is very interesting too.

Travelling too and from Can Tho, Vietnam - Can Tho Flights.

. The former military airport at Can Tho (Can Tho International Airport) is around 10kms from the centre of the city and handles domestic flights by Vietnam Airlines although it is expected to be providing international flights sometime shortly - possibly to Taipei but this might be charter. There are currently two flights either way between Can Tho and Hanoi, one flight a day each way for Ho Chi Minh City and one each way to the beaches at Phu Quoc. With such a limited amount of flights each day obviously booking seats as early as possible is important.

Going to Can Tho and travelling by Bus.

There is a good bus service to Can Tho from both Saigon (hourly) and from Chau Doc - the bus station at Can Tho is around 2kms from the waterfront. Take care that you are taken to the bus station and not dropped off early otherwise you are stuck outside of the city and might have to take an exorbitantly priced ride in the rest of the way from taxis waiting for the unwary. This also applies to some extent at the actual bus station - once off the bus you are pestered by car and motorbike riders insisting there is never any "ordinary" taxis available and that you will have to pay them something silly money wise to get into town. This is nonsense of course - just walk over to the bus station's ticket office and they will happily phone for a taxi for you.
Vietnam - Can Tho Chanh Toa Church at Can Tho, Vietnam The impressive Tien Giang Suspension Bridge at Can Tho in Vietnam. Green cargo boat passing through Can Tho - Vietnam.
Oia Khe Canal at Can Tho in Vietnam Blue rice barge going along the Hau River - Can Tho, Vietnam. Somewhat scruffy part of Hau River in Can Tho - Vietnam. Local canal side houses at Can Tho - Vietnam.

Going over to Can Tho in Vietnam by Ferry? not any more!.

Because of the opening of the bridges and also as the roads have been greatly improved the ferry services including the hydrofoil running between Can Tho and Saigon are no longer operating due to lack of customers - the only ferries you will probably see are the cross river local ferry variety.


Linh Tu Pagoda - Can Tho, Vietnam. Linh Tu Pagoda Buddha - Can Tho, Vietnam.

Wandering around Can Tho in Vietnam and visiting LInh Tu Paogoda.

If you follow Oai Khe Canal along for a short distance you reach a road bridge - cross over the bridge into Hung Vuong Street and find on the left a lovely little pagoda which does not appear on the sightseeing itinerary of many of the guide books but is well worth visiting.
Linh Tu Pagoda is a very colourful temple which welcomes you with a statue at the front of Quan Am and inside there are quite a few rooms packed full of a variety of statues. These include a small laughing Buddha sat on lotus leaves, very ferocious temple guards and quite a few wooden carvings.
Linh Tu Pagoda entrance - Can Tho, Vietnam. Linh Tu Pagoda - Vietnam. Linh Tu Pagoda, Can Tho - Vietnam. Linh Tu Pagoda, Can Tho, Vietnam.
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